My Loyal Bulldog Reviews

I would like to thank all of my new English Bulldog owners for their great testimonials. It is very important to us to have very happy new owners.

He is a Joy and Delight!!!

Boston Family

Hi! Wanted to let you know we truly love our bulldog Charlie. We did rename him Otis. He is a Joy and Delight!!! Otis has learned things so fast and is real good with our old dog, she bosses him around! We can tell you truly love bulldogs like we do! They have a wonderful beginning with your care! Sincerely the Boston's!

We couldn't be more happy with our new little bully!

Allegra and Matt

Allegra and Matt---

We couldn't be more happy with our new little bully! We had just recently lost our first bulldog Stella and our new little girl Dulcie has easily won our hearts and warmed the house again! Dulcie not only has gorgeous brindle, black, and white markings, but she is smart, sassy and sweet as can be. She is so affectionate and seem more and more eager to give us her love every day. Her personality has impressed every friend and family member we have introduced her to, which is no surprised given the excellent temperament of her mother, Suger, and every bulldog on the Plake property. As for Tom and Heidi, they are so knowledgable on the breed and anyone can see their passion and desire to breed the best and healthiest traits of the breed. We were extremely impressed with the outfit when we first arrived and realized its more of an operation of love. Thanks again for the care and patience you give these bulldogs and I will continue to highly recommend "My Loyal Bulldog" to anyone seeking an amazing English bulldog.

Luckily we found "My Loyal Bulldog"

Valerie and Steve

Steve and I had been looking for a bulldog for a few months. I think Steve talked about getting one everyday. We looked online and in advertisements and almost became a victim of a scammer. Luckily we found "My Loyal Bulldog". Tom was very responsive and when we went to look at the puppies the environment was very clean. We picked our puppy (Scooter, which we named Charlie) out that day. Charlie had to stay 2 more weeks to get up to date on his shots, but Tom was nice enough to send us pictures as we anxiously waited.

Our little Charlie is fantastic. He is quickly learning new things. He has a wonderful personality and a great addition to our little family. I would highly recommend working with My Loyal Bulldog. They gave us all the papers that we needed for the vet and additional information that I would not of thought of. Hopefully your family will have a great bulldog like our Charlie.

Valerie Brown and Steve Chandler


The Ozenbaugh Family

"FANTASTIC" puppy who rules the roost!!!!! Never a dull moment with Rudy around!!!!!

I am so happy with My Loyal Bulldog.

The Kreykes Family

I am so happy with My Loyal Bulldog. I had a lot of questions and they were so great answering everything. My husband and I had always wanted a bulldog, but finding a breeder that we could trust with breeding can be difficult. When I saw Lexi, I knew she was exactly what I wanted. She is amazing. She has a wonderful temperament, is great with my kids and others, and everyone who meets her loves her sweet and calm nature. I couldn't be happier with my choice to use My Loyal Bulldog as my breeder. They care very much about healthy puppies, and I loved the at home setting.

"perfect" puppy that my husband dreamed of.

The Gallegos family

I had my mind set on an English Bulldog many years before meeting Tom and Heidi. My husband, however did not like the idea of a puppy. I talked to a couple different breeders, bulldog rescues and did tons of research before committing. My husband was still not convinced. The children and I finally went to see the puppies and instantly fell in love with Max. He has the body structure, wrinkles, and underbite of a bulldog and the personality to match. Upon meeting Tom an Heidi, I felt they made health a top priority. They pick champion and grand champion studs and it sure shows through their offspring. We are a very active family and Max couldn't be more perfect. He is lazy like a bulldog but still active enough to keep up. He goes everywhere with us. He is very stubborn, loves to hoard all his toys, was extremely easy to train, and a show stopper everywhere we go. Tom was willing to answer any questions, educate us a little more on the breed and he still gives us tips and advice whenever we need guidance. They truly care and it shows. Max is the love of our life and has been the "perfect" puppy that my husband dreamed of- I didn't know existed. Not everyone should breed but I feel it's a passion for them and they have taken all the right steps to produce English Bulldogs with great health, fabulous looks, and more importantly great temperament. We can't wait to adopt a female from Tom and Heidi in the future!

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He is a Joy and Delight!!!

» Boston Family